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Here is some stilt history complete with many typos, many are deliberate and trickey. If you are going to copy it for a school project, be warned there are a ton of typos, so be prepared to WORK on the spelling.  A spell checker will NOT do a 100% job.

Please give credit and circulate as widely as possible!  If those of you with access to the RBBB and other old circus programs can add to the list, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Just email me with your additions and comments.  Thank You.

Walk Tall,

Bill "Stretch" Coleman

Astounding Stilt Walking Events

In China, there is an old custom called "walking on stilts" that it is a performance which employs two lengths of wooden sticks over three metres long to one's feet and walking on them. It is also termed "tied-on long feet".This kind of performance can be traced back to very ancient origins. It is described in "Leizi"(a book), "There was a man named Lanzi in the state of Song (circa 7th century B.C.) who entertained the first Song emperor wit his feet of walking and running with two wooden poles taller than himself attached to his lower legs.  Performers are dressed as legnedary characters and perform with long poles attached to their feet. It is a holiday folk performance, especially popular in some country areas.