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The Sloan Family of Stilt Walkers
See the History and World Records page
Harry Sloan, Stilt Walker Sloan Brothers Sloans on Stilts, Ringling Bros 1969 1968 Ringling Bros. The Sloans with Mrs. Bobbie Hakes Barrie Sloan walking over a brand new 1972 Pinto Barrie Sloan, Shelagh and their son, King Barrie Sloan Retired 1996

Harry Sloan and his sister Olga 1931, Ringling Bros.

High Jack Redmond
See the History and World Records page
High Jack Redmond High Jack Redmond High Jack Redmond High Jack Redmond
Have You Seen Me

Other Historical Photos

Fritz Dietl Ice Skating on StiltsCharlie Slagle on Stilt Skates 1952Ice skaters on stiltsUnkown Stilt Skater
Karen Cameron from the Antique Ice Skate Club asks:

Bill, do you have any information on a stilt skater by the name of Herb
Lutz?  A friend of mine has a pair of his skates, (one of which is
currently in the Skating Museum at Lake Placid).  I am doing an article
for our Antique Ice Skate Club newsletter and can't seem to find any
information on him.

If you have any info for Karen, please contact her at, 
Pogo Stilts Pogo StiltsPogo StiltsTennessee Walking StiltsTennessee Walking Stilts Tennessee Walking Stilts
Tennessee Walking Stilts Volleyball on StiltsFrom the June 23, 1860 Edition of Harper's WeeklyPeasants of the Landes on stiltsLife Magazine February 29, 1960 Life Magazine February 29, 1960
This is High Altitude Monkey Business Engraving from Knox's Boy Travellers Japan and China, 18791910 Postcard of an old French shepherd Rural Postman in the Landes, FranceAztec StilterMarquesan Stilts - 1850 Old Toy Stilts
One Crazy stunt on stilts Kids on Stilts, 18761917 Postcard of F.E. Wilvert walking on stiltsCop on stilts, some kind of promotion in NYCNot sure where or when this one is Hops Pickers / Stringers
Figurines of aciant stilt warriors Landes stilt walkers, 1843French acrobat, Charles Blondin, crossing Niagara Falls on a tightrope. Topps trading card.The Peking China Circus on stilts, 1957Goofy ad from 1894 Folies Bergere Fontaine French Poster
Bamboo Horse stilts Many Thanks to Bart Michiels, member of the Royal Stiltwalkers of Merchtem for the fine photoA motorcycle through the legs of a stilt walkerJapan - British Exposition 1910Japan - British Exposition 1910 Love on Stilts - The Dream
Namour Stilt Battle 1889 National Bohemian Beer adDuck Hunting Stilts 1880Shorty the Stilt WalkerThe back of Shorty's card Rescue on Stilts
Stilted Mail Carrier from the Landes Region Uzbekistan Stilt Walker Rube Goldberg 1911 Foolish Questions stilt cartoon
Hop Gardner
Rube Goldberg 1911 Foolish Questions stilt cartoon
Two Postcards of Charles Blondin along with a great article.
Postcard Featuring Charles Blondin over Niagra FallsPostcard Featuring Charles Blondin over Niagra Falls
An Interesting Postcard of Stilt Walker Eddie Dorey
An Interesting Postcard of Eddie DoreyThe Back of the Card
Medieval Walk-About

Beijing farmers' stilt-walking troupe goes abroad
www.chinanews.cn 2005-01-17 16:16:23

"A stilt-walking troupe consisting of eighty members from the Gaobeidian Stilt Association in Beijing's Chaoyang District was in training on January 16. The stilt-walking troupe made up of farmers would represent Beijing and participate in a cultural performance in London to showcase the customs of Beijing. It would be the first time a Beijing farmers' amateur troupe travels abroad. Relevant departments in Beijing and in Chaoyang District held a farewell meeting for troupe members today."

This genuine antique wood-cut engraving is titled

Some interesting News Paper cuttings sent in by Roy Lambeth

Diavolo and Carina on a high wire IPC News Febuary 1982 John Russell World Record Joe Prepares for world record World's Fiar September 1975


Stamps and Coins

1993 Belgium Postage StampPostage Stamps from South America, 1969Postage stamp from Taiwan showing the Fisherman and the Wood Cutter on stilts.
Spanish coin made into a button. Date on the back reads 1990 or 1996.
"My name is Ernesto Gutiérrez. I've been doing some research on Stilts and famous stilters, there aren't those many, right?. That's how I came across with your site.
I'm writing to answer the question about the Spanish coin. The coin was made to conmemorate a festivity in Spain called: La Danza de los Zancos (Dancing stilts). The celebration takes place on July the 22nd, lasting two days more. And later, the last weekend in September. It's related to Saint Maria Magdalena. There's a special kind of music, el Agudo, and dressing code. There's evidence that the dance has been celebrated since 1600's till now. How it started or whom first danced remains a mystery.  Unfortunately, the broadest info about this Festivity is in Basque or in Spanish. Give some time, I'll be able to translate it for you. I send some pictures I also found. It's the other side of the coin you have and some stilters so you may upload them."