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How To Make Your Own Stilts
How to make your own Strap On - Hands Free Stilts
How to make your own Peg Stilts
How to make your own Hand Held Stilts
        An interesting design using joist hangers.

         Barbados Stilt Design - Welded square steel with replaceable round wood poles                                                             
         Asian Stilts design (screen captures from "Duty Free TV" on G4TV.com )
  • Simply Circus Handbooks
          Simply Circus Introduction to Stiltwalking Textbook
          This is our textbook on learning to stilt.  This book is designed for use with the Simply Circus            
           Introduction to Stilting class.  It is NOT a replacement for hands on stiltwalking instruction

           The English method <http://www.juggling.org/help/circus-arts/stilts/walking.html>.  This page describes      
            the traditional English method of learning to stiltwalk.  Please Note that this is *NOT *the method we
            teach at Simply Circus, and is included here ONLY for reference purposes.
            Stiltwalking How-to <http://www.circusnews.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1347>.    
            Eric Bagai's stiltwalking guide is one of the most widely read resources on learning stiltwalking. 
            Well worth a read.
                                      http://community.simplycircus.com/tutorials/equilibristics/stilts.htm                     For Street, Deck, Patio Furniture, and more for Public Spaces
          A good gathering place requires seating, lighting and other amenities besides good entertainment.
          This is the place for information on furnishing and developing attractive and useful public spaces.
  • This is True - Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense!